Reloop SPiN Portable Turntable

In recent times, it’s fair to say that portable devices are taking over! We now have phones that are just as powerful as laptops and this is also true within the DJ world, from portable DJ controllers through to turntables.  More and more, DJs are using tools designed to be used by crate digging collectors and vinyl travellers to entertain! This market has grown at an incredible pace, even gaining its own show in London called BeatGeek, attended by portablists from around the world. Unsure of the definition of portablist? Portable Turntablists…

Reloop Spin Portable Turntable

Reloop SPiN Main Features

Reloop SPiN Portable Turntable side

The Reloop SPiN is a dedicated portable turntable that comes with everything you need to get going, straight out of the box. Thanks to the built-in speaker and included stylus, you can be out jamming as soon as you get your hands on a SPiN. All you need to do is connect a power source and simply add vinyl, (Although Reloop has even included a scratch vinyl to get you started!)

  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming

One of the biggest features not previously seen on a portable turntable is Bluetooth Audio Streaming. You can stream records to a Bluetooth speaker, a receiver on a hi-fi or car stereo for example. You can also use the Bluetooth the other way around and use the SPiN’s built-in speaker to play tunes from your smartphone or other device.

  • Smart USB Recording

To provide the perfect portablist experience, the Reloop SPiN is equipped with USB recording. You can use the turntable to record your scratches and cuts directly to a USB stick in MP3 format. You could also use to convert vinyl to digital – handy for sampling, too!

Reloop SPiN Portable Turntable Connections

  • AUX input: Seasoning made easy

Using the auxiliary 3.5mm socket, you can link up to several other Reloop SPiN turntables to create a scratch session, wherever you are. Literally wherever, due to the many different power options…

  • Power supply: 3 different ways

You can supply power to the SPiN in different ways, depending on the situation. You can use it with a USB mains supply plug (like an iPhone wall-wart, for example), or drive the same USB port from a portable power bank. If you have neither of those to hand, you can just chuck some batteries inside, and it’ll work!

  • Crossfader flexibility

Installed on the Reloop SPiN is a 45mm crossfader. This can be fitted in two different positions on the turntable to suit which hand you’d like to scratch with or which orientation you prefer the deck when you play.

Reloop SPiN: looks familiar to you?

Reloop SPiN Portable Turntable Top View

If you’ve been into DJ toys for a while, you may double take the Reloop SPiN at first glance… That’s because the tooling used to make this unit was originally designated to make the LEGENDARY Vestax Handy Trax! The Handy Trax was arguably the best mainstream product that vestax ever sold, but the company disappeared from the DJ radar a good few years ago. Turntablists (and Portablists) would sure be glad to see this form factor back. Other features include:

  • 3 Selectable playing speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78RPM)
  • Two Headphone outputs (3.5mm and 6.3mm)
    Pitch Control Adjustment with +/- 20% range
  • Tone Control 
  • Volume Control on Aux input and headphone output
  • 45 Adapter for 7” Records
  • Built-In speaker for playback and monitoring
  • Locking Cover for transportation and protection
  • Battery Slot for 2 x Lithium Ion 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • 7” scratch vinyl
  • Voucher to get the Super Duper Duck Looper App (developed by DJ Baby and the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound
  • We expect the Reloop SPiN to arrive in June, with a suggested retail price of £199.

Want to be one of the first people to get your hands on one? Order yours here.

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