Denon DJ Prime 4 and SC5000 Series – Big Serato DJ Pro Update!

The Denon DJ Prime 4 keeps getting better. Since its release, the Denon DJ crew have continuously published updates to make this player-controller more and more versatile. Features like adjustable waveforms, toolbar and platter sensitivity toggle came about because Denon DJ is one of the only companies out there that give the users features when they ask! The latest Serato DJ Pro update (2.31 ) brings with it advanced integration with Denon DJ’s Prime series. So if you’re a Serato DJ but looking for a capable and versatile controller, read on…

Prime 4 in Controller mode with Serato DJ Pro 

The prior updates on Prime 4 have been focused on standalone capability, which has been well received. This new update essentially gives an entirely different way to use the hardware: Controller mode. What this essentially means is every single button, knob, switch and fader will work with the various modes within Serato DJ Pro – loops, cues, effects and channels. 

All 9 Screens worth with Serato DJ Pro and Prime 4….

Technically, the Denon DJ Prime 4 uses nine screens. Of course, the giant 10-inch touchscreen at top and centre is the main talking point, so let’s start there:

  • Touchscreen behaves just like the Prime 4 in standalone mode; its fluid, multi-touch and can be used to access your entire music library from the machine. 
  • There are two screen modes you can toggle between (edit: I’m sure more display modes will come in the future if we all ask Denon DJ nicely). The first mode is a library view with two decks displayed at the bottom of the screen. The second mode prioritises the library with mini players. 
  • Direct access to crates, tracklist and prepare window from the home screen. In all of these views, you can sort by artist, track, BPM, key and total time by merely pressing the icons at the top of the screen. 

So what about the other eight screens?

The other eight displays on this unit are the OLED screens for the FX section. These display all the information from Serato DJ Pro’s FX section, due to the controller mode overriding the Prime 4 effects to allow access to all of Serato’s offerings.

Denon DJ Prime 4 with Serato DJ Pro DVS

Yes, the Prime 4 has DVS capability on channels 3 and 4 of the mixer section. You will need Serato DJ’s DVS upgrade to do this. So whether you’re using timecode vinyl with a pair of turntables, or on media players, the DVS is an easy way to connect these to work alongside the Prime 4. 

How to use USB sticks with Prime 4 and Serato DJ Pro

When you switch the Prime 4 into controller mode, it’ll reboot and instantly connect to Serato DJ Pro and work with your laptop. Heres the cool bit: 

If you connect a USB storage device that contains a “_Serato” library folder, they will be recognised in the computer you have connected. So if you want to extend your library or you have another DJ jumping on, they can connect the USB device and have the same level of navigation, search and control over their music. At the end of your DJ set, you can safely eject the USB device from the Prime 4 without closing Serato DJ Pro. 

Soundswitch Micro – it works!

We will be talking about the latest developments from Soundswitch over the winter. For now, the essential information you need to know if the interface works perfectly with Serato DJ Pro with the Denon DJ Prime 4 on control duty. The Prime 4’s versatility shines through here again, as you can plug the Soundswitch dongle into the USB hub on the Prime 4, reducing clutter on the sides of your laptop.

SC5000 and SC5000M with Serato DJ Pro

The SC5000M joins the SC5000M as an official Serato DJ Pro family! These are a little different to the Prime 4 in terms of their ‘marriage’ as they are official accessories of Serato, whereas the Prime 4 unlocks and controls Serato DJ Pro in its own right. The SC5000 series of controllers will connect via USB to your laptop, but you will need either a Serato DJ enabled mixer, controller or an interface to unlock Serato DJ Software. Once it’s connected with a 5000 or 5000M, you can access your library as above with the Prime 4. The dual-layer feature works fully with Serato DJ Pro, so 2 units will control all 4 decks! 

To Conclude: Does Serato DJ Pro integration make all the difference to the Prime Series?

In our opinion, it doesn’t make ALL the difference. Why? Mainly due to how versatile the Prime 4 already is. However, for the vast number of DJs who use Serato in its different forms from Bedroom to pub to club, the Prime 4 will serve as a perfect tool for those looking to make a steady transition to a non-laptop based setup as the screen is so easy to navigate and use. It also offers much more connectivity than any other controller in its price (you can read about the plethora of features in our recent post here)

Here are the official videos from both Serato and Denon DJ on this announcement.

For a limited period, you can purchase a pair of SC5000M and get a free X1800 mixer worth £1174.99

If you’d like to know more, leave a comment below!

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