Whether you’re considering kit from Denon DJ or Numark that runs Engine DJ OS, or perhaps you’re already experiencing the power of this impressive DJ ecosystem, today is a great day!

Engine DJ 3.0 has been announced and as usual, the team over at inMusic has pushed the envelope again – for both the OS and Desktop versions of the platform.  Last year we saw no fewer than seven Engine DJ updates. While there were new features among the improvements made to the code, this jump to version 3.0 adds some serious new toys.

What’s new in Engine DJ OS 3.0?
Up first, and arguably the most exciting addition, there’s the all new Drop Sampler. All Engine DJ devices (including the Numark Mixstream Pro and the all new Pro Plus) offer 8 slots, allowing you to store and trigger samples and songs.  To get you started, all Engine DJ devices no include a healthy selection of pre-loaded samples.  You’ll find complete drum kits, scratch phrases, risers, impact hits and other various sound effects.

To ensure the Drop Sampler is easy to use, the development team has overhauled UI to include the Performance Pads Heads Up Display.  You can now easily see the Hot Cue and Loop names, loaded Samples, and Loop and Roll time divisions.

Finally, the Remote Library feature provides access to the entire Engine DJ (Desktop) music collection from your Engine DJ OS device across both WIFI and wired networks.  This is great for putting sets together at home without the need to export tracks to a USB drive just to see if they fit.

What’s new in Engine DJ Desktop?

It’s not just the OS version of Engine DJ that’s getting a shot in the arm.  The desktop version of the software is updated to facilitate the Remote Library access.  In addition, the Sync Manager has been improved to ensure that the differences between two drives is easier to manage – whether that involves tracks or complete playlists.

As always, there are a number of stability enhancements and improvements to the underlying code.

To check out the latest products that are compatible with Engine DJ please click on the links below:

Numark Mixstream Pro+
Denon DJ SC Live 2
Denon DJ SC Live 4
Denon DJ Prime 4
Denon DJ Prime Go
Denon DJ SC6000
Denon DJ SC6000M


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