QSC KS212C is Big Bass – exactly where you want it


Bass. Whether you’re a DJ or Band, its used to make music sound warmer, rounder and phatter. QSC’s bass offering to their popular K.2 series of speakers increased not long ago to include the QSC KS212C cardioid subwoofer. 

What is a cardioid subwoofer?

The best way to describe a cardioid pattern is to look at the image below:

KS212C Cardioid vs typical chart

Most Subwoofers emit their sound energy around the entire speaker – meaning you’d hear the sub playing at a loud volume even if you’re behind the enclosure. The Cardioid configuration means the energy is focused to the front of the Subwoofer. This results in a far quieter stage/performance area and healthier place to have live microphones. Less bass bleed onstage means less feedback! The main bonus of the cardioid subwoofer is having the energy focused where its needed – your crowd! 

QSC KS212C A festival bass array in a 40kg box!

Until the KS212C was released, cardioid sub woofers were pretty rare. With the exception of a couple of passive touring cabinets, there wasn’t anything available in a one box solution with most sound engineers having to rely on fiddling with the subwoofer location within a room, trialling different places for it before doors opened for a gig! 

Cardioid Bass Array Festival

Above: A festival with a cardioid bass array – note subs plugged in but facing the stage, to control and focus the energy to the crowd. 

QSC have taken the principles you see in this image and placed it in a subwoofer small enough to fit in a 3 door hatchback: the KS212C. This subwoofer will change your life – if you’re a mobile entertainer or small venue you won’t want to use any other subwoofer out on the market right now. No more shuffling subs around to eliminate frequencies, no more applying for a physics degree to get the most out of your bass setup – the KS212C does all of this for you. 

QSC KS212C features

The QSC KS212C sports a 3600 Watt Class D Amplifier inside which is plentiful. QSC’s DSP brain (also featured within K.2 series speakers) built in to optimise the dual 12-inch long excursion drivers. The box itself is a 6th order bandpass configuration, resulting in 15dB more output at the front of this subwoofer compared to the rear. 

QSC KS212C rear

Imagine all this time, you’ve had that 15dB on your stage, behind your DJ booth or running into your microphones! Bye Bye feedback! The KS212C comes on wheels and super comfortable grip metal handles.  

So there we have it – a festival bass array, in a single box! Ready to order? Click here!

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