Pioneer DDJ-800 for Rekordbox DJ Announced

Pioneer DDJ-800 Top Angle Pioneer DDJ-800 Top Angle

Pioneer DJ is keeping up their momentum with the new DDJ-800. Designed to be the successor to the DDJ-RR, the DDJ-800 is a large format 2 channel controller for Rekordbox DJ, and it has some pretty exciting features. First thing you’ll probably notice is its familiar layout, taking its club style design cues from the popular DDJ-1000 – the controller which presented us with a CDJ-DJM form in an all-in-one laptop system. The DDJ-800 is significantly lighter and smaller, with little sacrifice to the features inside:

No more licence registration!
I’ll start with one of my personal favourite features about this controller. It’s a pet hate of mine that you still need a piece of paper with a code to register to use your new kit. I almost always chuck it away by accident or rip it up in the process of squashing the box to throw away! The DDJ-800 will reduce my ranting: connecting the controller IS the key for the software. Connect the controller, your Rekordbox will immediately switch from export mode to performance mode. No more licence keys, codes and stress!

A compact and portable DJ controller
To give you an idea of size, the DDJ-800 is only a millimetre wider than Native Instruments’ Kontrol S4 MK3. In Pioneer DJ terms, its 22% smaller than the DDJ-1000 and weighs 1.3kg LESS than it’s bigger brother, whilst still retaining the same 10cm pitch faders, performance pads and play and cue set up.

Jog Wheel display
The Pioneer DDJ-800 is the first 2 channel DJ controller which contains HD LCD screens inside the jog wheels. These screens can display essential track information such as time elapsed/remaining, BPM and waveform overview. These displays can also be used for cue scope, which gives you a countdown – measured in bars – to the next saved cue point and loop point, for an accurate mix. There’s a simple toggle between this informative display and track artwork if you’d like clear visual assistance to immediately identify what tracks are loaded to the deck.

World first: Feedback Reducer
In the new Rekordbox DJ 5.5.0 update, there’s a new feature that has been introduced aimed at reducing microphone howling. This feedback elimination/reduction feature detects the offending frequency and eliminates this instantly, so you can be more confident when handing the microphone to MC’s and speech-makers.

Club-style layout and features, for a fraction of the cost
The DDJ-800 is the perfect stepping stone if you currently own a DDJ-400 and you’re looking at getting something a little more robust, with additional features and connectivity. It’s also ideal if you’re looking to develop your motor-skills if you are going to play on the industry standard CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 combo, as the layout of the controller is exactly the same.

Jog Adjust(!!!)
I’m so hyped for this I had to chuck in some exclamations; It may just be the best feature on the controller. This is because I feel like smaller controllers deserve to have luxury features like this, especially to feel like the CDJ-2000NXS2. So whether you want to juggle and scratch or involve yourself in a longer mix, the DDJ-800 can be adjusted to suit your style.

DDJ-800 Top View

Standalone DJ Mixer
The DDJ-800 contains a fully functioning standalone DJ mixer, so you can connect CDJs, turntables and other devices via analogue RCA inputs. Furthermore, you don’t need a laptop connected via USB – control gain trim, fader and EQ are completely standalone. Beat and Sound Colour FX do require Rekordbox DJ, so if you want to use those keep a laptop connected.

Performance Pads
As mentioned previously, the DDJ-800 shares its layout with the rest of the Pioneer Rekordbox DJ players and devices – a major cue from the DDJ-1000 is the 16 full RGB illuminated rubber pads, which can be used for Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Keyboard mode and RB-DMX lighting control.

Advanced Super Fast Search
A feature ‘nicked’ from larger players, this super fast search allows a 1-revolution-per-track style search – so from the 12 o’clock position, a full rotation of the DDJ-800 jog wheel will take you to the end of the track.

Key Control
Dedicated buttons on the DDJ-800 to access Key Shift and Key Sync – a welcomed feature which makes it even easier to use Rekordbox DJ’s Key shift and Key performance-related effects.

Rekordbox DVS Ready
The DDJ-800’s analogue inputs are ready for CDJs and turntables. With the DVS expansion, you can use these sources players to control Rekordbox DJ software too!

Pioneer DDJ-800 Connectivity

Pioneer DDJ-800 Rear Pioneer DDJ-800 Rear

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 has plenty to shout about where connections are concerned. The rear of the unit offers Balanced XLR and RCA master outputs, RCA inputs for both channels (switchable between line/phono), 2 Mic inputs (one is on a combi Jack/XLR connector and the other is a 6.3mm Jack) There is a further RCA input for an AUX channel, which is handy for connecting devices for background playlists, 3rd Party backing tracks or even jingles. The DDJ-800 also has a 12v mains power input with strain relief and USB input for connection to your laptop. The front panel has 2 different options for headphones: a 3.5mm minijack and a 6.3mm Jack.

Pioneer DJC-800…It’s portable too!
The DDJ-800 as mentioned above is 63cm wide and 33cm deep – only 1mm wider than a Kontrol S4. If you need a bag, Pioneer DJ has announced the DJC-800; with a durashock moulded body and ballistic polyester to protect the controller in transit.

 Pioneer DDJ-800 vs DDJ-RR vs Kontrol S4 MK3 Comparison Chart


DDJ-800 DDJ-RR Kontrol S4 MK3

Jog Tension Adjust




Jog wheel Display

Yes, Colour HD



Jog Wheel Size




FX Display Style




Pitch Fader Size




Pad Quantity




Aux Input

Yes, RCA



Feedback Reducer

















Should the DDJ-800 be more expensive?

Ok hear me out, I’m not (that) crazy! Lets recap on what this has got going on:
Spacious layout with decent sized, tension adjustable jog wheels: Check
2 Mic inputs for DJ & MC, with feedback suppression (‘set and forget’): Check
Standalone DJ mixer and Aux for other devices, doesn’t require laptop: Check
No licence card or paper needed: Plug and go: Check
With the street price currently being £779 for the DDJ-800, you could buy the controller, the DJC-800 bag and HDJ-X5 headphones for less than a grand.


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