Mixars Primo for Serato DJ Pro – get one, pronto!

Hello reader! Mixars Primo promo time! It’s been a while since my last blog post but fear not, I’m still here! Mixars have been teasing us with this solid 2 channel Serato controller since NAMM 2017. Alas, its finally here and we think it will fit perfectly in the current world of Serato DJ Pro controllers. Heres why:

Mixars Primo DJ controller


Mixars Primo Key Features

The Mixars primo has an impressive feature set, in a pretty compact form factor.
2 channel, 4 deck – This means that although there are only two physical faders, you can control third and fourth decks thanks to deck switching.
Serato DJ Pro integration – probably why we had to wait! Serato DJ Pro was announced whilst this controller was in ‘teaser stage’, so the people at Mixars have made sure all functions are catered for, and labels are accurate to the updated Serato software
Stand-Alone! This controller has a full analogue mixer section, so if you’ve got a pair of decks or media players these can be used with no laptop connected
Bus Powered – so if you want to be truly portable, it’s important not to depend on a mains outlet. There is the option to use a power supply, if you want to use the mixer element on its own this would be needed.
Serato DVS ready – with a paid upgrade, you can use the Mixars Primo sound card for DVS control
Touch Strip – As seen on other controllers and media players at far higher price brackets, the Primo included touch needle search on each deck for easy track scanning.
16 Performance Pads – Each deck has 8 RGB pads with a multitude of control options. These include Hot Cues, Slicer, Sampler and Roll.
Large Jog Wheels – This Mixars controller gets large aluminium jog wheels, with a smooth yet responsive feel.
Serato influenced FX control – The Primo has an FX section physically laid out like the software, so its really easy to know what effect you are selecting and its parameters.
Crossfader Curve – CF curve adjust with a reverse switch to suit any style of mixing, whether it’s scratching, juggling or long play.
Cue options – Headphones section offers extended cueing section – option to preview your master output and split cue! The Mixars Primo has both 6.3mm Jack and 3.5mm Jack headphone sockets.
Mic Input – the Microphone can be connected via the XLR-Jack combo and also features an echo effect

Mixars Primo for Serato DJ Pro

What is connectivity like on the Mixars Primo?

Mixars Primo Rear View

The Primo features a variety of connectivity options, some mentioned above. For the sake of the readers that fly through the bits they need to know….
The rear of the unit left to right:

  • 2 x 1/4” Booth outputs (with its own level control)
  • 2 x Balanced XLR master outputs, which can run in conjunction with:
  • 2 x RCA master outputs
  • RCA inputs for Channel 1 and 2, switchable between phono/line
  • XLR/6.3mm Combi Jack Mic input
  • USB socket – the controller can be bus powered
  • Mains power input – optional if you are using with a laptop

Protect your Primo!

There’s a wide range of cases and bags for the Mixars Primo. Heres some of our top picks:

Magma CTRL Case XLThe Lightweight: Magma CTRL Case XL II – great if you’re looking for the lightest form of carrying your Mixars Primo to gigs. Comes with strap and a protective eggbox foam type lid for the top of the controller.




Magma Carrylite XL PlusThe sleek carry case: Magma Carrylite XL Plus – black on black finish makes this case stealthy and thankfully doesn’t stick out too much. Flight case form, without the weight. The Magma Carrylite XL Plus is made from laminated MDF, which ensures rigidity and durability. The Inside includes pick and pluck foam so you can fit your Mixars primo controller securely.



Magma Multi Format Workstation XLFull Flight Case: Magma Multi Format Workstation XL – Need ultimate protection from the road and other gear? Look no further than Magma’s workstation. Includes a sliding laptop shelf so you can use the controller in its case






Pioneer DDJ-SR2 vs Mixars Primo

This is probably the biggest head-to-head for 2 channel supremacy. Pioneer’s DDJ-SR2 is similar in physical size and format, being a 2 channel with analogue inputs and DVS support. Both controllers have similar sized jog wheels and connectivity options. The Mixars Primo weighs in at 4.2kg compared to the SR2 which is 3.7kg. Both have 24-bit sound cards and are a similar size!
If you’re in the market for a controller of this type – is the DDJ-SR2 really £200 better than the Primo? Let us know!





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