denon SC5000 primeDenon DJ SC5000 Prime media player.

Today Denon finally lifted the curtain on the SC5000 Prime Media Player, while there was much speculation on the web, not everyone had the full details. Our friends over at have an in depth coverage here. To summarize:

It’s a single player with dual layer playback and control.
This means one player has two audio outputs, you just keep switching between decks. This is for both media and controller.

7″ Multi Touch display
It’s huge! It works well too for waveform display and zooming and (we presume) track scrolling.

Media Player
It plays from USB and SD card and has network connectivity to link up to four players and play from a single source.

Performance Pads
It has 8 multi colour performance pads for bashing cue and loop points.

Pro Build
It is built very well, if it’s good enough for djworx, it’s good enough for us!

Jog wheel display
It has a display in the center of the jog wheel for artwork and can be customized. The jog wheel can be adjusted to be tighter or looser too.


The Prime range will also include the X1800 Mixer and VL12 turntable

Pre Order now for shipping in March / April £14994_sc5000_anatomy2