Denon DJ  have also today announced the X1800 Prime mixer to go with their new SC5000 player.

With a standard ‘club’ layout the new X1800 mixer has 4 channels for audio, either regular inputs or from the two USB soundcards built in.

There’s a high res screen to go through the multiple effects and each channel has its own filter and ‘sweep’ effects which are similar to the ‘color’ effects found in the leading club mixer.

One of the unique features here is the backlit touch strip for controlling the effects parameters. These can of course be beat synced but the touchstrip is a great way  to control sweeps.

There are two mic channels with shared EQ and talkover, the effects can be assigned to the mics as well. Other fairly standard features are the high quality crossfader with full adjustment including tension, booth out, cue mix and split cue.

On the back, you have an effect loop with proper send and return, 4 digital inputs and digital out, inputs for up to 4 turntables and a 4 port ethernet hub for linking multiple SC5000‘s.

The Denon DJ X1800 Prime is due March  /April 2017 price £1499