akai MPCXToday Akai Pro finally announced the long awaited standalone versions of their MPC range, the full size MPC X and compact MPC Live.

The MPC -X is similar to the old MPC Renaissance but boosted with some great new features.

10″ multi touch screen

This is the key element, a display as large and crisp as an iPad with full multi touch control allowing you to scroll, pinch, grab and edit.

Built in OS

The new MPC X is capable of running the new MPC 2.0 software all on its own, with no computer required. You can still run the MPC 2.0 software on a computer if you wish and still use the MPC X as a controller for it.

16 Touch sensitive knobs with OLED displays

As with the old Renaissance, the new MPC X has 16 touch sensitive knobs on the left of the pads, these are 360 degree or infinity knobs and now has a crisp OLED display above each one to show what parameter they are controlling.

16Gb on board storage

There is plenty of space to store samples and the MPC-X even includes 10GB of sounds from CRS, ToolRoom, Loopmasters and more.

Inputs and outputs.

The MPC-X allows multiple inputs liek microphones or instruments, line or phono input for direct sampling from a turntable for example. It also has 8 individual channel outputs, midi in and out and USB 3 connectivity for external hard drives or USB sticks.

The MPC-X will also work as a midi and audio interface for your other devices directly to your computer.

Akai MPX-X Rear

The Akai MPC X will be available around June 2017 priced at £1799.

The MPC Live is based on the MPC Touch but again works as a standalone unit both compact and portable.

7″ mpclive_front_webMulti Touch screen

Like the MPC Touch, the MPC Live has a stunning and responsive 7″ multi touch screen for zooming, editing and more controls.

MultiCore Processor

With 2gb of RAM running the new MPC 2.0 software in stand alone mode or as a controller on your existing computer.

16gb On board storage

Includes 10gb of pre-loaded samples

Rechargeable battery

The MPC Live is the ultimate portable groove machine with a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery


The MPC Live has 6 individual channel outs or stereo master output plus 4 individuals, 2 USB 3 sockets for thumb drives or midi controllers, SD card slot for loading samples or projects and phono or line inputs for sampling from a turntable or similar as well as 2 midi in and out sockets.


The MPC Live will be available around March  has started shipping at £969