Pioneer DJ DJM750mk2

The new Pioneer DJM-750mk2 mixer.

Just announced today, the DJM750mk2 will replace both the DJM750 and DJM850 mixers. The good news is that it comes in cheaper than the DJM850 but more than the out going DJM750. However, its loaded with features to make it a real contender for budget installs and home DJs alike.

Borrowing many features from the DJM900NXS2, the DJM-750mk2 has the typical 4 channel layout and includes 4 color FX controlled on each channel and 11 beat FX using the same high resolution display found on the DJM900NXS2.

Another shared feature with the flagship is the USB effects send and return, this allows you to connect an iPad to the mixer via USB and use an effects app (like Pioneers RMX ) to effect your sound. The audio travels through the USB to the iPad and the processed signal comes back to the mixer.

The build quality is still great and uses the Magvel crossfader found in the top end mixers, together with the 3 setting curve adjust makes this a viable option for scratching too.

Finally, lets talk about software, the Pioneer  DJM-750mk2 is not Serato or Traktor scratch certified. Whilst this may change in the future, the official Q&A has a simple and firm ‘no’ under the question. However, you do get Pioneer DJs own RekordBox DJ software and the DVS expansion pack bundled in with the mixer. This means you just need to add the time code vinyl to get a full on DVS system. RekordBox DVS is still relatively new, however its already proving to be very popular and more importantly, stable.

Priced at £1069 inc Vat and available late August.

You can pre-order here: