Pioneer DDJ-SR2Pioneer DJ (finally) announce the DDJ-SR2

It feels like forever and for a while, we thought it may not happen, but our favourite mid range Serato control has finally had the update we’ve been waiting for – the DDJ-SR2 (or DDJ-SR mk2).

Keeping the familiar 2 channel controller layout with a 2 channel mixer in the middle, the DDJ-SR2 now has two major upgrades and a few smaller ones.

First thing you notice is the 16 performance pads are now multi colour to correspond with cue points, loops, slicers and samples.

The other key update here is the built in interface. There are now 2 phono or line inputs which can be used with the option DVS expansion pack to control Serato DJ with timecode vinyl or CDs. This make the DDJ-SR2 one of the most compact DVS ready controllers on the market.

When connected to a computer, the external sources can be controlled like a normal mixer using the gains, EQs and channel faders. Even without a computer connected, the gain and volume can still be controlled which is handy if the computer crashes on you.

Other additional features are the dedicated controls for Serato Pitch ‘n time, pitch play, key sync and key shift. The DDJ-SR2 comes bundled with the Pitch ‘n time expansion pack.

The DDJ-SR2 still retains the touch strip needle drop, effects controls and light weight jog wheels and can now be powered directly via usb or external power supply.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 ships late September priced at £629 and can be ordered now.