Make music with Ableton Live.

Our friends at Ableton have a really useful tool if you want to learn the basics of making music.

The lessons cover everything you need to know to start and understand how to make music using software (not just Ableton Live 10). Topics in the lessons include making and understanding beats, notes and scales, basslines, melodies and song structure.


Ableton have made these tutorials really easy to use, and are perfect for beginners and anyone just starting who might be confused with all the terminology and features of music making software. The lessons are all interactive through your web browser and will work on nearly any phone, tablet or desktop with an internet connection. Learn to build a basic track and fill in missing parts of tracks to get the feel how making music on software works.

Included are demo songs you can play along with and learn how to build some famous tracks. Songs like Queen’s “We will rock you” teaches the basics of building a simple beat. Classic bass lines like Inner City’s “Good Life” are broken down and more complex song structures like Donna Summer’s “I feel Love”.

Just head over to and see for yourself.

If you like what you see, you can check out our Ableton selection here or come in and speak to our fully trained staff who use Live.

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