The HDJ-S7 headphone from Pioneer.

Pioneer HDJS7

Not content with having the best large cup DJ headphones on the market, Pioneer are now after the smaller ones with the HDJ-S7.

Replacing the compact and light C70, the new HDJ-S7 gives you the 40mm driver along with a smaller and tighter fit cup. The HDJ-S7 is classed as “on-ear” due to the smaller ear-cups which sit on your ears where the HDJ-X are classified as”over-ear” as the larger ear-cups envelope your whole ear. At only 212 grams the HDJ S7 is ideal for the DJ who prefers the lighter weight headphones compared to the larger, slightly heavier alternatives.

The Pioneer HDJS7 has swiveling earcups which have movement of up to 45 degrees, replaceable straight and coiled cables and includes a carry case.  Like it’s sibblings, the headband on the HDJ S7 is built to military grade standards and can withstand a severe beating!

Pioneer have not compromised on the sound quality either, theses headphones have a frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz. To help get that low end they have developed a bass reflex chamber within the cups to give clear bass and added sound isolation.

Priced at £179 The Pioneer HDJ-S7 is available very soon in black or white.