A Komplete 12 Takeover – Simply the best update in years

Future of Sound WILL be shaped with Komplete 12. Period.
My fellow musicians, producers, sound designers – you might be chilling in the studio reading this. Or on a train, on the way to work or sipping on a lemonade. You might be on a beach, or in a meeting. Forget all that stuff for a minute, eliminate any potential distractions for the next 5 minutes because Komplete 12 is going to change your (musical) life. If I don’t keel over from excitement writing about the new version of Komplete, I’ll also talk about the other two Mic-Drops being the Kontakt 6 and MASSIVE X – yes thats right. A completely redesigned successor to the dubstep spawning synth 11 years in the making. 

Ok Marcus, Breathe. Tell us about Komplete 12

Well since it’s inception in 2003, Komplete has become a standard tool for anyone manipulating and creating music, with each version bigger and better than the last, reviving your creative juices each time. Komplete 12 doesn’t just revive your juices, it gives you an intravenous shot of whiskey at the same time. What’s more is the three larger versions will come with Massive X – but I need to get the rest of my words out before attempting to do that any justice whatsoever. Komplete 12 includes Kontakt 6; the worlds leading sampler that was last updated 7 years ago! Native Instruments have expanded the on-board library with three new instruments including Kontakt 6 (more below), session guitarist- electric sunburst and TRK-01.

Komplete 12 – now available in four different sizes

Gosh im getting excited again. Komplete 12 is now available in four different variants, each offering more than the last, yet allowing a fluid upgrade path if you decide to take things slow, like the ‘keeper mentality’ you will no doubt acquire when you get a version of Komplete 12. 

  • Komplete 12 Select: This newly designed package combines an essential collection of 17 products, over 7,000 sounds totalling over 45GB worth. These include MASSIVE, MONARK and DRUMLAB, plus three expansions.
  • Komplete 12: Now boasts more than 50 premium instruments and effects including Kontakt 6, TRK-01 bass & Kick Synth and more than 25,000 sounds, 220GB of instruments and effects. To put this into perspective, thats nearly double the amount of sounds and more than 60GB more than Komplete 11. Massive X is included when it gets released, too!
  • Komplete 12 Ultimate: This is where it starts to blow your mind: The previous version Komplete 11 Ultimate contained 87 products, 18,000 sound and 500GB of instruments and effects. Now,the Komplete 12 ultimate hosts over 600GB of content, 45,000 sounds and well over 100 premium instruments and effects! This is a saving of over 85% on buying all of the included products individually, plus a copy of Symphony Essentials collection worth nearly £400 on their own, all inside Komplete 12 Ultimate

What is the definition of Ultimate?

The definition of ultimate is the last. Final. Terminal. Furthest. Unsurpassed. Supreme. Peak. Pinnacle. Culmination. 

After that, what could possibly come next?

Komplete 12 Ultimate: Collectors Edition

What can I say? Its BIG. Komplete 12 Ultimate collectors edition encompasses the full Komplete 12 Ultimate plus the full Symphony Series Collection and 50 (FIFTY) expansions. So it really is the biggest Komplete to date with over 150 products, 90,000 sound and over 900GB of content. Purchasing Komplete 12 Ultimate collectors edition means you save circa £900 if you were to purchase the 6 Symphony series’ as a separate bundle and 85% saving if you were to combine the cost of all the products in this edition of Komplete 12. 

Komplete 12, Ultimate and Collectors Edition with MASSIVE X!

We all loved, and still love, Massive. It was the big bang that gave birth to many bass sub-genres -and we will be eternally grateful to the Berlin beat boffins for its creation. Now, Massive X is in the pipeline and it’s so significant that it was re built from the ground up as its own synth featuring completely redesigned wave table oscillators for depth, size and attitude you wouldn’t have believed possible, considering the original version of massive was pretty darn massive in itself! They had to call it Massive X, I personally don’t think the name does it justice. You thought the original had sonic impact? This new version is about to hit your production and/or stage performance into the next time zone. 

Eye to Eye with Kontakt 6

Hailed by many as the industry standard, the Kontakt 5 sampler was a big hit. Continued development by Native Instruments has brought the latest version to release alongside Komplete 12. Its robust and friendly framework will no doubt continue to power our instruments used by producers and composers the world over. Kontakt 6 now includes three new instruments:

  • Analog Dreams; for those legendary and provocative synth sounds
  • Ethereal Earth: The combination of the more traditional instruments but synthesised digitally
  • Hybrid Keys: A modern digital twist on classic keyboard instruments. 

These three instruments debut the KONTAKT Play series, which consists of a range of sonically rich sample libraries which are instant to access and easy to play.

If you’re an instrument builder or a user who works in the edit view of Kontakt, you’ll be excited to know there are five more effects included thus expanding your sound design possibilities. There are three new reverbs, a Replika delay module and a Wah-Wah. If that wasn’t enough theres also a new wavetable engine for users, too. On top of all of these extra features in Kontakt 6, Creator Tools now exist as a standalone application designed to improve workflow to built libraries and create instruments. Within this is a debugger and an instrument editor.

Komplete 12 steals the expansions you were stealing! 

Ok so its a known fact (albeit a little taboo) that pretty much all expansion packs meant for Maschine users have been cracked and made available in the deep dark corners of the web (limewire, anyone?) ; Native Instruments have (obviously) noticed this and released them legitimately released them as sample packs, for us all to enjoy. 

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