If you haven’t heard of Mixars yet, here’s some background about the company.

The Mixars brand is from dB-J technologies, which is from the same group that own PA giant dB Technologies and RCF. They’ve gone and put a load of work and money behind creating a new high-end brand while keeping the prices reasonable.


duo-initThe main product that has caught the eyes of scratch DJ’s everywhere is the Duo mixer. It’s a 2 channel scratch mixer with Serato interface built
in. It also has 4 pads on each side for cues and loops, control for loops and track browse and loading and FX control. There is
also a built in filter, LEDs and EQ per channel and best of all, it is built like brick.

The current model of the Mixars Duo also includes an Inno Fader crossfader however this will change at a later date to Pro X faders. Now, it’s not cheap at £769 BUT, it is the cheapest Serato DJ mixer on the market at the moment and it is built just as well as the tougher mixers out there.

Next is the CUT, a simple 2 channel scratch mixer  which also has the Inno Fader Mini built in (at the moment) with 3 band EQ and LEDs on both channels. Again, built like a brick and crazy value at only £199.

There are other products coming through like their turntables, monitors and more mixers. WestendDJ have been selected as a premier partner for Mixars and we have these products available on demo.