Nearing Kompletion: New Komplete Audio interfaces announced!

More useful and exciting toys from Native Instruments in the form of some new Komplete Audio Interfaces!

Komplete Audio Interfaces

I present to you: Komplete Audio 1 and Audio 2 – aimed at anyone in the need of capturing or unleashing high-quality audio for their projects at a more than reasonable price. Whether it’s a podcast, beat making, instrument capture or the incorporation of outboard gear like synths – these interfaces will certainly prove useful. Combine this hardware with included software, you’re saving a fistful of cash buying either of these interfaces.

Komplete Audio Interface features

The Komplete Audio 1 and Komplete Audio 2 share brilliant audio quality with their industry standard 192kHz, 24-Bit conversion. Other Features include:

  • VU meter – for volume and gain visual feedback
  • Direct Monitoring – ensuring a healthy output of zero-latency monitoring
  • Big volume knob – Ergonomic design to control output levels
  • Input/Host Mix – Monitor your recording in real-time directly from the Komplete Audio Interface
  • Bus Powered – USB 2.0 powers these interfaces for extended portability, field recording and ease of use.
  • Mac and PC compatible – With full ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound and WASAPI support

Software included with Komplete Audio 1 and Komplete Audio 2 Interfaces

If new hardware is announced by Native Instruments, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a plethora of software included – it’s no different with these two interfaces:

Maschine Essentials; Full Maschine software – the same system you would get if you bought the Mikro, Maschine MK3 or the Jam – is included. This comes with 1.6GB of Maschine samples, loops, one-shots and instruments. You can upgrade this to the full factory library and Komplete 12 select for a lower price than buying them outright

Replika – This plugin lets you get creative with delay

Phasis – Phasing effects (both classic and modern) to add movement to your sounds

Solid Bud Comp – Native Instruments’ powerful compressor for mastering and mixing

Monark – A household name for NI users: monophonic vintage synth sounds and tones

Komplete Start – Native Instruments’ free production suite

Ableton Live Lite – Music creation software – 2 months free subscription

What’s the difference between the new Komplete Audio Interfaces?

Komplete Audio Interfaces Comparison InputGood question! The Komplete audio interfaces share the same pack of software and features you can see above. There are, however, a couple of differences between the two interfaces with regards to connectivity.

Connectivity: Inputs

Komplete Audio 1: 2 x Inputs consisting of 1 x XLR input with Phantom power and 1 x 1/4” Jack input with gain control

Komplete Audio 2: 2 x Inputs consisting of 2 x combo XLR/Jack with Phantom power for flexible recording



                                                                                   Connectivity: Outputs

Komplete Audio Interfaces Comparison OutputKomplete Audio 1: Stereo RCA unbalanced output 

Komplete Audio 2: Stereo 1/4” balanced Jack outputs for connection to studio monitors or stage





Details: Komplete Audio 1 £79 and Komplete Audio 2 £109


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