xone:96 bag open, cats everywhere.

Over the last couple of weeks Allen & Heath have teased us with a new xone mixer, now pretty much confirmed to be the xone:96. There are a few leaked images circulating the interweb but with few details so it’s mostly guesswork from here.

With grainy stills taken from their teaser video and a release date of 09.06 (that’s 9th June not 6th September) we can see the new model will be a xone:96. The question is what features does the 96 have?

Based on the name we can guess this will replace the legendary xone:92. If this is the case then this new mixer will have a lot to live up to. The classic original has been around for nearly 15 years and a staple on many riders and stocked by many clubs and rental firms.

Again, based on the naming convention we can assume the xone:96 is analogue as the digital series have been named DB.

Assumptions and hopes of the xone:96

We can assume it’s still analogue,
has 4 channels
has 4 band eq with filters
Send and return for fx
Possibly filter on each channel
2 mic channels with EQ

Based on a recent examination of Traktor Pros new source code, compatibility with a xone:96 was discovered. This confirms we can expect at least one USB sound card built in and we’re hoping to get two for back to back DJ’ing
It will probably have xone’s X-Link connectivity for the K1 controllers and midi output.

The video doesn’t give away too much and we hope to have more information on the xone:96 really soon.

Finally, what’s the price of the xone:96? We can only guess right now, however looking at the current price of the 92, the added features and the current market price of the competition, we estimate this to come in around the £1500-£2000 mark.