**NEW*** Pioneer DDJ-400 Now In Stock! – The perfect controller to learn how to DJ

Pioneer DJ are absolutely killing it at the moment; with their DDJ-1000 Rekordbox controller, CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 combo ruling most DJ booths around the world. Sure you could go and grab yourself a set, at a cost of around £5,800. Pioneer DJ however have developed a controller for those wishing to try their hand at DJ at home and beyond; The DDJ-400. With its club style layout and handy tutorials you can learn how to DJ even if you’ve never been behind the decks before. 

DDJ-400; A NXS2 layout with a £249 price tag

The DDJ-400 is designed with the same layout as the premium controllers and decks (such as CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 combo, and DDj-1000). The knobs and buttons are arranged to train motor memory and teach you to become intuitive with industry standard kit. The player sections allow you to get familiar with the CDJ-2000NXS2. Knurled jog wheels, play/pause and cue buttons, tempo sliders, loop section and cue/loop call buttons are just like the ones you would find on a CDJ-2000NXS2.  The Mixer section also dupes the layout of the DJM-900NXS2 with identical trim and EQ knobs, headphone cue buttons and FX layout.

Rekordbox DJ included with DDJ-400

The DDJ-400 works fully with Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox 5.3 update and the newest features. First of these is the Tutorial Feature. You can follow simple instructions on your PC/Mac screen. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can learn the features and learn how to DJ with simple step by step instructions and videos. This opens automatically when the DDJ-400 is connected to Rekordbox DJ software on your PC or Mac.Another update with Rekordbox software which users of DDJ-400 can benefit from is Track Suggestion. This feature ranks every track in your Rekordbox library according to how well it matches with the song you’re currently playing. Within the track suggestions, tracks are listed in the order in how well they fit the playing track. You can find songs according to three categories:rekordbox-song-suggest

  • Era: Tracks close to the year of release
  • Mood: Tracks with a similar mood
  • Association: Tracks sharing similar characteristics such as artist, label of release etc.


DDJ-400 with Rekordbox to record and share your mix

rekordbox-streamingYou can use Rekordbox DJ to record your DJ sets and now share them to every corner of the globe! You can now internally route your set to social media channels such as Mixcloud, YouTube and KUVO. This integration means that all track titles and time stamps from Rekordbox get imported along with your mix, so listeners can get track titles whilst playing your DJ set. 



Other great features on the DDJ-400

The DDJ-400 also features larger pitch faders than the DDJ-RB, making it easier to control track tempo. The new pad FX modes include Keyboard and Piano. Keyboard FX allows you to play your hot cues at different keys, whilst key shift allows you to change the key to a playing track to create a dynamic mix to the next track. These two ‘Key’ features can also be used whilst in a track buildup or breakdown. 

Bag for DDJ-400

Pioneer’s DJC-B Bag is the perfect case for the DDJ-400. Also suitable for DDJ-Wego, DDJ-SB3 and DDJ-RB controllers and can be found on our website here.



DDJ-400 Vs DDJ-RB Vs DDJ-SB3 Comparison Chart

We have compiled a handy comparison chart so you can view the differences between the DDJ-400, DDJ-RB and DDJ-SB3. 

 Software Rekordbox DJ  Rekordbox DJ  Serato DJ Lite/Pro
 Class Compliant? Yes  No  Yes
 Jog Wheel Size 111.6mm 111.6mm 111.6mm
 Pad Mode 1 Hot Cue  Hot Cue Hot Cue
 Pad Mode 2 Beat Loop FX Fade Pad FX
 Pad Mode 3 Beat Jump Slicer Pad Scratch
 Pad Mode 4 Sampler Sampler Sampler
 Pad Mode 5 Keyboard Beat Jump Cue Loop
 Pad Mode 6 Pad FX1 Pad FX2 Roll
 Pad Mode 7 Pad FX2 Slicer Loop Slicer
 Pad Mode 8 Key Shift Velocity Sampler Trans
Tempo Slider Size 60mm 39mm 45mm
Tempo Range Yes (shift) No Yes (shift)
Headphones Master/Cue Yes No No
Tutorials Included Yes Yes (Update) No
NXS2 Style Layout Yes No No

 The Pioneer DDJ-400 is in stock now, priced at £249 – click here to order buy yours now.