Meet the new Serato DJ Pro and Lite.

Serato in New Zealand have just announced and released the new versions of the hugely popular Serato DJ software.

The ‘full’ Serato DJ is now called Serato DJ Pro, with some exciting and long awaited new upgrades.

The first of these is Practice Mode which is a standalone (or offline) mode allowing you to mix two tracks and crossfade them using an on screen fader. This is a really handy feature for practicing your mixes on the go and preparing set lists. Whilst Practice Mode will let you mix without a controller or hardware, you can’t cue up the next track or use any (non Serato) midi controller to mix.

Another welcome new addition to Serato DJ Pro is 64bit support making it much more CPU friendly to newer machines and allowing the software to breeze through large libraries without straining your processor.


The third main improvement in Serato DJ Pro is upgraded graphics to support Retina / 4K / UHD displays, with a stunning new crisp and clean layout. This new layout includes a new look for the cue and loop points replicating the 8 performance pads of most controllers.



Watch the video on whats new in Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro is a free upgrade for owners of a Serato DJ license or compatible hardware and is available now. You can purchase the Serato DJ Pro License directly here for only £69

Serato Intro is now Serato DJ Lite

Serato Intro has always been a scaled back version with a few features shaved off here and there. The new Serato DJ Lite is still built using the Core Serato DJ Pro features including Practice Mode, 64 bit and Retina support. Serato DJ Lite is available for free, for anyone to download, right now