Join the Elite! Reloop Elite DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro

The latest addition to their Mixer lineup, Reloop’s Elite mixer is designed for the rigors of the road with a boot full of features. Designed alongside the newly announced RP-8000 mk2 turntable under the watchful eye of many international turntable artists, the Reloop Elite is made for Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS users alike. Even at a glance, the Reloop Elite is designed for performance – whether its a routine, a jam or a mammoth DJ, this mixer is a contender in the battle for the best battle mixers on the market right now – at a very reasonable price! Let’s run through the features of the Reloop Elite.

Reloop elite Top View

Reloop Elite Performance Pads

Reloop Elite Angle ViewOooo shiny pads! Each channel has 8 full RGB performance pads that can control 12 – yes 12! Performance modes per deck. *Takes a deep breath* these modes are:

  • Hot Cue – Insert and remove cue points at desired parts of a track
  • Loop Roll – Like an auto loop but the playback continues in the background
  • Slicer – puts your track (or loop section) into 8 slices allowing you to play them on the pads
  • Sampler – Access to Serato DJ Pro’s inbuilt sampler to trigger and stop samples
  • Pitch Play – Play cue points are different pitches
  • Saved Loop – Access pre-saved loops from your playing track
  • Slicer Loop – Combination of slicer and loops
  • Saved Flips – Access your previously created flips
  • Platter Play – Read more about this in our post for the new RP-8000 mk2!
  • Transport – Library transport
  • User Mode 1 – Use your own unique combination of the above modes to make your own
  • User Mode 2 – As above, handy to have a 2nd mode for b2b sets or different modes for each deck

Oh and did I also mention these are velocity sensitive?
There are also dual-layer parameter buttons on each side of the mixer too for even more control over the above performance pads on the Reloop Elite.

The Reloop Elite is having that effect on me….

The FX section on this mixer is vast. There are three assignable slots on each channel and a mini fader for FX level/depth control and two different modes you can activate these in. Either a hold which will maintain the effect to your desired duration or you can toggle through the effects without reaching for your computer; nifty! All of this information is displayed on the two bright OLED screens so you can easily learn about your effects, real-time BPM, beat divisions and the setup menu. The Reloop Elite has onboard FX too; Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and a user FX mode that can be tailored to your preference. In a logical location beneath this, the dedicated loop section lives. This has a push-to-trigger style encoder and manual loop in/out buttons. There’s also an easy to read LED loop length bar so you can easily track where your loop’s at.

Reloop Elite Front

What else has the Reloop Elite got to offer?

Loads! There are no less than 3 of the latest mini Innofader Pro faders on board which offer twice the resolution and their innovative non-contact technology for the finest of cuts and smooth operation. All of the fader curves are fully customizable and you also have a reverse function – otherwise known as a hamster switch. The browse section is laid out in the centre of the mixer with a rotary encoder and load left/right buttons. These double as computer toggle switches, so you can assign the mixer’s midi controls to either of the two computers connected. Other features include a booth output with the option of switching from stereo to mono (handy in single monitor situations), dual headphone outputs and extensive audio interface routing on the DUAL 10 in/10 out sound card on board. For example, the sampler and AUX channel can be routed through Serato FX units (send/return).

Reloop Elite with RP-8000 mk2 combo

As mentioned in my other Reloop post today, the all dancing RP-8000 mk2 has been designed to work harmoniously with the Elite. How have they done this? The Active USB hub within the Elite can detect when the RP-8000 mk2 turntables are connected, branded ‘Smart Link’ by Reloop. This means platter play (the ‘musical scale’ feature on the new turntables) can be controlled from the mixer – that’s pretty awesome. Of course, the USB hub will still run other Serato/MIDI peripherals, or connect media storage or charge your phone, of course!

Reloop Elite with RP-8000 mk2

All in all, I really dig this new mixer. It certainly can’t be knocked for its value for money with the sheer amount of features Reloop have managed to squeeze on the Elite – and at this price, the DJM-S9 and Rane Seventy Two better watch their backs!





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