New QSC K.2 Active PA speakers now with 2k amp module and DSP

After nearly 8 years of the K-Series, QSC have updated these already amazing speakers to the new K.2 range with upgraded amp modules and digital processing found in their Touchlive mixing consoles.

The range is the same with the K8.2, K10.2 and K12.2 in 8, 10 and 12 inch formats respectively. They have also added a new active sub in the KS212C which is a twin 12″ compact box.

To look at, the differences are minor with the main one being the new grill on the front which is less transparent and a new badge. The casing is is still the heavy duty ABS cab we know and love. The rear is different now with the new DSP module built in offering multiple settings for Dance, Live, Speech and more via a control knob and LCD display.


K12.2_Profile_Monitor_LeftThe underside now has two pole mounts, one for straight positioning and the other with a 7.5 degree downward tilt. Furthermore the new K8.2, K10.2 and K12.2 will now all sit nicely and up to use as a wedge monitor.

Speaking of using as a wedge, one of the DSP settings is specifically for that purpose, preventing feedback even at the closest range and we’ve seen it! This makes setting up a monitoring system for a band or singer quick and simple.

K12.2_Back_panel The new look rear  panel has a large LCD display with a comprehensive amount of information. However the menu is extremely easy to navigate and with simple controls.

There’s also the addition of a stereo 3.5mm input socket ideal for connecting a phone or media player on the fly.

The sound quality is remarkably better than the originals, we’re not sure how though!

The new QSC K.2 range will be available mid-May and at the same reasonable prices as the original range:

QSC K8.2 : £641
QSC K10.2 : £680
QSC K12.2 : £765

We’ll have these on demo in store as soon as possible. Get the info here first!

 Here’s the official press release from QSC:

QSC Introduces K.2 Series Loudspeakers

Highly Anticipated Next-Generation of Global Best-Seller Offers Significant Feature Upgrades

Costa Mesa, CA (April 17, 2017) QSC, LLC is pleased to introduce the K.2 Series, the highly anticipated next generation of the company’s global best-selling K Family line of powered loudspeakers. The new K.2 Series, which is comprised of the 8-inch K8.2, 10-inch K10.2 and 12-inch K12.2 full-range loudspeakers, offers a number of significant feature upgrades, establishing an entirely new standard in powered loudspeaker technology. QSC is also announcing the introduction of the KS212C, a first-in-class, single-box powered cardiod subwooder.

Each loudspeaker model in the K.2 Series is equipped with a 2000-watt power module carefully matched to high-performance woofers and compression drivers. DMT™ (Directivity-Matched Transition) ensures smooth coverage across the entire listening area. On-board DSP provides Intrinsic Correction™ voicing and advanced system management to further optimize performance.

Superbly flexible, K.2 Series models additionally provide operators with a library of preset contours for common applications such as Stage Monitor, Dance Music, Musical Instrument Amplification, Hand-held Microphone and more, while also offering storable Scenes to recall user-configurable settings such as input type, delay, EQ, cross-over and selected contour via the loudspeakers’ LCD screen and control panel. All three models can be operated as either main PA or as a floor monitor. Each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted, or placed on a speaker pole, either straight-firing or with 7.5-degree down-tilt utilizing the new dual pole cup.

“The phenomenal success of the K Series is unprecedented in the pro audio industry and a testament to the values of great design, high performance, steadfast quality and long-term reliability,” says Ray van Straten, Sr. Director of Marketing, QSC Professional. “This next-generation product raises the bar yet again for the category and will most certainly further reinforce the reputation of the K Family brand for many years to come.”

The perfect complement to both the new K.2 loudspeaker line as well as legacy K Series full-range models, the new KS212C Cardiod Subwoofer represents a breakthrough in innovation and design, uniquely providing all the benefits of a cardiodsubwoofer array in a single, compact enclosure. “Keeping bass in its place” for mobile entertainers, AV production and rental professionals, as well as modestly-sized performance venues, the KS212C cardiod subwoofer is unparalleled in its ability to manage low frequencies on the stage, or any application where undesirable low frequency energy needs to be minimized. Dual 12-inch longexcursion drivers, each arranged in a 6th order bandpass chamber, are powered by a 3,600 Watt amplifier and controlled by the system’s DSP to produce a staggering 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than at the rear. Like the K.2 Series, the KS212C provides advanced DSP with on-board user-controllable and recallable Scenes via the LCD screen and control panel. Highly portable, the cabinet features comfortable, aluminum handles and four, rear-mounted casters. Two M20 sockets are provided to accept a 35mm speaker pole in either vertical or horizontal deployment of the sub.

Additionally, QSC is also proud to announce that K.2 Series models as well as the KS212C Cardioid Subwoofer feature a global 6-Year Warranty with product registration.

The K.2 Series will be available in select markets in mid-May 2017. Estimated (U.S) street prices are: $649.99 for the K8.2; $699.99 for the K10.2 and $799.99 for the K12.2.

The KS212C cardiod subwoofer is expected to ship in late Summer 2017. Estimated US street price is $1,399.99.

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