Firstly, they’ve finally updated RekordBox to be a full fledged DJ software, available as a paid update (approx £99) and called RekordBox Plus.

What’s new in RekordBox Plus?

Unlocking rekordbox dj’s performance features means DJs can do all their set preparation in rekordbox – adding cues, loops and tags – then just plug their laptop into a controller and play. There’s no need to transfer their library into other software, and they can use that same library to play on CDJs or XDJs too.

Now to accompany the software they’ve released 2 new controllers, based on their flagship units. The new DDJ-RX and DDJ-RZ are based on their Serato capable counterparts with some minor differences to match the new software features.

The DDJ-RX is a 4 channel controller with performance pads and integrated soundcard. The DDJ-RZ adds full size jog wheels, 2 integrated sound cards for back to back performances and a stand alone integrated 4 channel mixer.

Both controllers will ship in October,

Pioneer DDJ-RX £769
Pioneer DDJ-RZ £1549