Rane TWELVE top view

Rane TWELVE – BBW (Black Becomes White)

The new Rane TWELVE has had what the manufacturer describe as a ‘running change’; in normal person speak, it means they have managed to make their control turntable even better! 

As we all know, Rane DJ is one of the most respected innovators in the industry. We salute them for their class defining solutions combined with their durability and ruggedness. We also applaud them for their level of customer service, too – taking DJ’s wishes and translating them into brilliantly intuitive products. They care about making DJ things better for you and me; which is why the control disc shipped with Twelves from now on will be White! The Rane Twelve absolutely nails its brief; to be a tonearm-less motorised control table delivering the highest level of digital accuracy for a true-vinyl performance. DJ’s, Turntablists, DVS fans welcomed the Rane Twelve upon its announcement, because it truly freed them from bent tonearms, buggered anti-skate and abused needles. Not to mention the complete elimination of feedback especially with sub-bass enriched music. Rane is right to say the Twelve makes any vinyl guy feel at home.

Why have they binned the black control disc in favour of the white offering?

So if I didn’t make it clear, RANE CARE! The new white top isn’t just an aesthetic change, its a material change to acrylic too. This specially designed white control disc makes scratching an absolute breeze with amazing levels of grip compared to its older vinyl counterpart. The contrasting black marker makes it easy to play from a track mark even in the most peripheral of vision, too. This will also result in a more consistent slip, which is no bad thing! Heres the best bit: 

Complete immunity to warping. 

Thanks Rane! 

Rane TWELVE with text

Rane Twelve Specification

If you aren’t already familiar with the Twelve, heres the brief rundown of the tech:

  • Full  12-inch  all-new  white  acrylic  control  disc  with  motorized  platter  to  control  playback
  • Traditional,  familiar  turntable  layout—no  need  to  learn  something  new
  • Strip  Search  with  8  hot-cue-triggers  access
  • 5.0  kfcm  high-torque  motor  with  high/low  torque  adjust  for  more  traditional  setups
  • Four  decks  of  control    DJ’s  can  use  one,  two  or  more  (dependant  on  number  of  mixer  channels  available)
  • Extreme  precision—3,600  ticks  of  platter  resolution  for  seamless  performance
  • MIDI  interface  via  USB  that  can  be  connected  to  the  SEVENTY-TWO  or  your  computer
  • 33  1/3  and  45  RPM  platter  speeds
  • 8/16/50%  pitch  with  precise  dual-resolution  detented  slider
  • Top  panel  rotary  and  traditional  Motor  Off  switch  allows  classic  wind-down  effects
  • An  Official  Serato  Accessory    will  work  plug-and-play  with  the  Rane  Seventy-Two  or  other  Serato DJ  Pro  supported  hardware

rane twelve seventy two setup

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