Pioneer XDJ-1000mk2Today, Pioneer DJ have launched the new and improved version of their first USB only player.

The new XDJ-1000Mk2 now shares some characteristics and features of the flagship CDJ2000 NXS2 while still retaining most of it’s original layout.

New audio interface and format support.

The XDJ1000 Mk2 has much higher sound quality and near that of the CDJ2000 NXS2. To go with the new interface, the new player now supports FLAC and ALAC high quality formats as well as MP3, AIFF, AAC and WAV formats. To make the most of these, there is also a digital output for maximum quality connection.

7″ Touch screen display

The display now has the same high resolution touch screen display as the CDJ2000 NXS2 with  QWERTY keyboard, needle drop and hot cues all available on screen. The new screen also offers full colour waveform displays and track filter to sort your tracks by BPM and key.

New browse control buttons and USB socket

The XDJ-1000 Mk2 now features the same browse control as the CDJ2000 NXS2 as well, making it easier to go through your rekordbox prepared USB stick. The USB socket also now has a colour changing LED surround to allow you to colour code your USB sticks.

There is also a USB socket on the rear to connect a DDJ-SP1 controller to add pad controls for triggering cue and loop points. You can even connect up to 4 XDJ players via the ProLink ethernet sockets and have a single DDJ-SP1 control the extra features.

The Pioneer XDJ 1000Mk2 is available in September priced at £1099 each (inc VAT) and you can pre order here.