Mixars QuattroMixars are fast becoming a serious contender in the mixer market, especially now they’ve launched their new Quattro mixer for Serato.

The Mixars Quattro has 4 channels, dual USB soundcards for Serato but uniquely has 2 sets of 8 performance pads browse and loop controls. This essentially builds a controller directly into the mixer with the pad modes switchable between cue and sample modes. The Quattro also has a separate volume level for the Serato sampler too.

So, once hooked up to Serato you can use up to 4 turntable or CD players using DVS and control track browsing, loading, cueing and looping all directly from the Quattro. You can also hook up 2 laptops for back to back sets as well.

Other mixer features are similar to those found on other high-end brands like individual filter on each channel as well as noise, gate and crush effects. There’s an assignable effects section with an LCD display and time and depth control.

Mixars have also put a great deal of thought into the back end of the Quattro too. Little touches like the channel connectors labelled upside down for when you’re leaning over the front of the mixer to hook things up shows that they think about stuff.

mixars qauttro back

It has proper connections for 4 turntables (with 4 ground terminals) plus 4 line inputs or 8 line inputs plus 2 dedicated mic channels and stereo effects send and return.

There is also master out on balanced XLR and RCA, booth out on balanced jack and record out on RCA connections.

Overall, this is seriously feature-packed mixer and if the quality of the DUO is anything to go by, it is a challenger to the ‘top’ brands of today.

More info and product video as we get it.

Price approx £1300, ETA March / April

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