Mixars PrimoMixars launch new Primo 2 channel, 4 deck Serato controller with DVS

We know, another controller. Before you write it off, take a look at what it does though. In fairness, there’s not one individual unique feature on the Mixars Primo, however, the combination of features it does have are ones we’ve not seen at this price point.

Firstly, the layout is the all too familiar jog wheels with effects above and 8 performance pads below and the inclusion of the touch strip. On closer inspection though, you’ll see that the jog wheels have a built in central display, also there are 4 built in effects (Noise, Filter, Crush and Gate) which can be used on either channel.

The Primo has 2 inputs for line or phono and will act as a stand alone mixer or can bu used for DVS.

The front has inputs for an aux source which is switchable to a mic input.

Mixars have also prepped the Primo for their new Galileo fader for the scratch DJ’s too.

The back hosts the two phono / line inputs, a combi XLR / TRS mic inputs, balanced XLR master and TRS booth outputs and an RCA master out too.Mixars primo

As we said at the start, you will find all of these features spread over different controllers, however if you want all of these together on one controller, you have to look at the Pioneer DDJ-RR or DDJ-SX2, so over £550.

The Mixars Primo should be coming in at around £399, firstly there aren’t any controllers for Serato DJ at that price, let alone one that’s DVS ready.

The Primo is expected around April 2017.