Maschine JamWe like the Maschine Jam and now it’s even better value.

So, as a ‘grid’ controller for software like Ableton Live, the Maschine Jam is already a great product. It has an 8 x 8 multi coloured pad grid. It also has 8 touch strip faders and built like a brick and low profile. This alone, makes it worth the £299 price tag.

You also get a LOT of bundled software. Included with the Maschine Jam you get the Maschine 2 groove sequencing software which includes some awesome tools including drum synths and support for VSTs and Komplete and comes with 9gb of sounds.

Speaking of which, you also get Komplete 11 Select which has a value of £149 and includes 11 full products with over 25gb of sounds and instruments. Owning the hardware and Select also entitles you to lower priced upgrades of Komplete 11 and Ultimate.

But now, until 5th June, you get and additional 7 expansions packs worth over £44 each – so that’s another £299 worth – bundled with the Maschine Jam : Queensbridge Story (Hip Hop), Molten Veil (Tech House), Motor Impact (Techno), Prismatic Bliss (Ambient Electronica), Sierra Grove (Modern Soul), Lilac Glare (R’n’B), Solar Breeze (Indie Electronica)

So, let’s recap – for your £299 you get:

  • A solid, grid pad controller that will work with other software
  • Maschine 2 software loaded with sounds
  • Komplete 11 select worth £149 and with 25gb of sounds
  • Until 5th June, 7 extra expansion packs worth £299

So if you’re into creating beats, grooves or just want to punch some pads, you really need to consider this.