Our 2018 Festival Essentials Checklist


Ready for Reading, Glad you’re off to Glasto? Booked for Boomtown? We have compiled a list of the festival essentials to ensure you don’t get too stuck while out this summer partying hard. Some of these are super obvious but would really put a downer on the day if you forgot them.

    1. Tickets please! – Obviously! If you forget this one, then don’t read the rest of this article!
    2. Waterproofs – Hey festie-goer, guess what? It’s been known to rain in the summer over old ‘blighty. Pack a mac or bag a kag(ool)
    3. Wellies – Water + Dirt = Mud. A famous sum known to all!
    4. Warm clothes – (scarf can stay at home, unless its zany!) Night-time can get a little chilly if youre camping, so you’ll want a warm base layer if you’re tenting it… Which leads me safely onto number 5…
    5. Tent! If youre camping, you’ll need one of these unless you’re going to ask the stars what they are. I should also mention the tent shop will also sell sleeping bags so buy one of those – and a roll mat to stop the stones jabbing in your back whilst enjoying your final can of fosters before bed. Don’t spend too much money on a tent, just incase you decide to fall through it in the middle of the night.
    6. Its a well known fact that ‘festival toilet gripes are sorted with wipes’ Loo roll would also suffice
    7. Food! Glorious food! Whether you’re buying from the festival site or bringing your own its always handy to make sure its well packed and not left on that kitchen worktop!
    8. Toiletries – Regardless of regime (we wont pry) make sure you’ve got it all together.
    9. Portable charger – Your phone will only ever need recharging when you actually need it to find your friends, call your ride home or use the torch to find the way back to your tent.
    10. festival essentials boombox PAL earpeace

    11. Portable speaker! For those running the tunes in their own little tent village, its imperative to have something to keep the music going! We recommend the JBL Boombox portable speaker. It’s got up to 24hours playing time on one charge and has a pair of USB sockets on it to keep your phone battery topped up. It also features a rugged and waterproof design – If your mates rock up with other JBL boomboxes, they can all be wirelessly linked together to multiply the sound output from one device!
    12. A PAL – we all need a pal, to help us through. The QTX Pal 8 portable speaker is the ultimate companion when it comes to portable wireless speakers, and it deserves to be on our festival essentials list. It’s got up to 4 hours battery life which can be charged from a normal mains socket or 12v from your car. It has bluetooth connectivity, aux input and SD and USB card slots to play music. The QTX PAL 8 also comes with a wireless microphone just incase you want to release your inner karaoke demon, too.
    13. Earplugs – What? Sorry? Hearing is important – you want to be able to go back to the festival next year and actually hear the music right? Earpeace earplugs have been engineered to allow the exact amount of unobstructed sound. Whilst all foam earplugs muffle the sound, Earpeace earplugs reduce all sound frequencies eliminated the risk of distortion and damaged hearing. They are completely reusable and come in a handy detail container on a keychain. These will do genuine good for your hearing health – at a cost thats lower than a cold hot dog and a warm pint in the corner of the field!

    So there we have it – West End DJ’s festival essentials to ensure your festival season goes without a hitch. Let us know what festivals you’re going to, and if there are any other essentials that should be on that list.

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