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Saturday, June 25, 2022
Focusrite Scarlett Generation 3

Focusrite Scarlett Generation 3 announced!

It's no secret that Focusrite’s Scarlett USB audio interfaces are a worldwide bestseller. The Focusrite Scarlett Generation 3 is now available delivering improved audio...
QSC Logo

New New New! QSC CP Series Speakers

QSC announce CP series speakers - More boom for the buck! Those Americans have been hard at work designing the new QSC CP series speakers....It’s...
pioneer toraiz as1

Pioneer DJ and Dave Smith make noise with the new Toraiz...

Pioneer DJ team up with Dave Smith Instruments again to make the Toraiz AS-1 monophonic analogue synth. Based on the modern classic Prophet-6 synth (which...
aira tr8

Quick Guide to Drum Machines

WDJ Pro Quick Guide to Drum Machines  What: A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums, cymbals, other percussion...

Adam Audio release new T5 and T7 affordable studio monitors.

NAMM 2018: Adam’s new T5v and T7v are a new level of entry level monitors Adam Audio have announced these new vertical monitors at a...

NAMM 2018 DJ and Production Gear Product Launches

We're looking at all the best gear launched for the NAMM 2018 show. Brands like Korg, Arturia, Pioneer DJ have announced some new products in...
KRK Rokit G4 Range

KRK Rokit G4: The Countdown Has Begun

Why the Rokit G4 will be the most popular monitor on the market Yep, you heard right. I think there will be more KRK Rokit...
Kontrol M32 Dual Touch Strips

Under Kontrol: Komplete Keyboard for under £100!

Under Kontrol: Komplete Keyboard for under £100! Native Instruments have announced their cheapest Komplete Keyboard at NAMM 2019, the £99 Komplete Kontrol M32. Not only can...

WestendProduction quick guide to sampling

WDJ Pro Quick Guide To Sampling What:  Sampling is a music artform that allows you to extract a portion of music from its original song...

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88

Native Instruments have just announced the full size Komplete Kontrol S88. Using the same Kontrol module found in the other keyboards in the range to...