Best Karaoke Screen? Here’s our recommendations

If you’ve read our previous posts on the Karaoke essentials, you’ll have an idea of whats coming in this post! Karaoke media splits into two sides: Audio, where the equipment includes the playing of backing tracks, a number of karaoke microphones, a PA system and a mixer to tie everything together. The other side is the visual aspect which is where the lyrics are displayed line by line. We have already explored the audio requirements across a few of my previous posts: Singa Pro software, Best Mixers for Karaoke and Best Microphones for Karaoke. This post is focused on the different ways you can share the song lyrics to a Karaoke screen, and which AV solution is best for the Karaoke format you decide. The reason I mention this is some venues/nights may suit words going to a larger screen for group participation and/or the option of a smaller number of Karaoke singers viewing the lyrics from a smaller monitor.  You can also add a video feed of the performer for other guests to enjoy if they cannot see the stage.

Traditional soloist karaoke – Karaoke screen for solo/duo singers

toshiba 24w2863db Karaoke monitor screen

As is often the case, you’ll see the karaoke specimen singing lyrics from a screen displayed within close proximity. The lyrics are on a smaller monitor just for the singer to see. Of course you can use a slightly larger monitor if you expect dancing and prancing, or of the screen is beyond a 1 – 2 metre distance (for example hung on a wall at a venue. Thanks to our sister company, Atlantic Electrics, we have the ability to stock and supply small monitors which would perform brilliantly for this task. First one worth mentioning is the Toshiba 24″ 24w2863db. Its compact form factor and weighs only 5Kg, making it easy to move from venue to venue. If you’re looking for something a little larger, we also stock the Panasonic TX32ES503B 32″ monitor.

Panasonic tx32es503b Karaoke screen

Group Karaoke Screen – for any number of singers

Singa Pro Group Karaoke

As we see in this image, rather than using a screen that’s only big enough to be seen by one person, the whole venue can see the lyrics so they can join in, and provide ample ‘backing singer and choral support’ for the Karaoke singer. This is the most inclusive way to enjoy Karaoke. You can achieve this with either a large TV or a projector and screen – space permitting. We can supply larger format screens such as the Sony Bravia KD55XE8596 55″ TV, or the larger 65″ Ferguson FP65ANSMT LED panel.

Group karaoke screen plus a preview screen for the stage/soloist

Singa Pro Karaoke Screen Preview

This is the combination of both formats seen above; especially handy in venues where the space isn’t simple or where you don’t want the Karaoke singer to have their back to the audience! This is facilitated with the help of a signal distribution unit such as HDMI splitter. This allows the signal to be multiplied from the original source (in this case our Karaoke Lyrics) to connect to both large and small screens. This is the common format for larger clubs and venues, normally in conjunction with a projector and screen such as the Optoma HD27E 3400 Lumens projector and Screen.

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