The DJ2GO2 is a great DJ GO-TO


Incase it isn’t already obvious, I love DJ gear in all shapes and sizes. Whether its a big media player/mixer combo or a swiss army knife style 4 deck machine, I want it. This, however is a massive problem for when you’re on the move because you can be at the mercy of the spare space in your bag. This is when you have the difficult decision of deciding to take a controller to rock the hotel room or pack your toiletries. This, however is no longer a problem as I present to you the DJ2GO2.

The Most Portable Serato DJ Controller on the market!

The most portable Serato DJ controller on the market; the DJ2GO2 is about the same width as your normal 13” laptop and no deeper than the trackpad section, making it the perfect travelling companion. You can chuck it in a rucksack with a couple cables to rock a house party, BBQ or hotel balcony. Numark have done a great job improving the design from its DJ2GO predecessor and including a sound card for even more convenience.

Features of the Numark DJ2GO2

dj2go2-crossfaderThe DJ2GO2 is an uber-compact little two-channel controller – don’t expect every bell, whistle and kitchen sink to be bolted to this. What you do have, however is all the essentials to mix; whether its for a backup or a first time DJ experience. Each channel benefits from a jog wheel, sync cue and play/pause buttons. You have a volume knob and pitch fader, too. Another major improvement on the older DJ2GO is the addition of four performance buttons on each side of the controller, which have four selectable modes: Cue Point, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler. You also get a crossfader at the centre of the unit and an ergonomic browse rotary knob for your library surfing and deck loading buttons. As mentioned earlier the soundcard is built inside the DJ2GO2; meaning one USB cable (included) is all thats needed to get yourself up and running with your laptop. Audio Connectivity is via a 3.5mm master output minijack (also included!) and a 3.5mm minijack headphone output.

DJ2GO2 softwaredj2go2-with-laptop

Numarks nifty box of tricks ships with the ability to unlock Serato DJ lite when connected to the software. It’s automatically mapped, so no further configuration is needed. The DJ2GO2 is also compatible with VirtualDJ, Traktor (mapping available from Numark Website here) and DJay amongst others. This is another great reason to use this machine as a backup for professional DJ’s, so your audience is never left without music. I hope this never happens!


Learn the basics with DJ2GO2

DJ2GO2 in pocketThe DJ2GO2 is the ideal controller for beginners – its flexibility to use the controller with a plethora of software means you can trial the different ones out before you go for an upgraded version. The 3.5mm minijack output allows the controller to be connected to pretty much anything; a car aux input, a portable speaker like the ones I mentioned in this article or into a hi-fi or existing DJ system. The DJ2GO2 has enough features to get starter DJ’s heads around the basics, without being dazzled by knobs and switches. Its super low price of £59 means it isn’t going to break the bank, either!

DJ2GO2: A big solution to a small backup

Imagine being at a DJ gig – you’ve got your four gazillion bajillion quid controller setup ready to rock the party. You go to switch it on…… Nothing. Check the mains, check everything. Oh F*%*&£G HELL WHATS HAPPENED. At this moment you do one of two things. A) Go and beg the client/promoter/boss that its not your fault and explain it hasn’t happened before or B) pull out a £59 DJ2GO2 and continue to rock the party?! I’d go for this option every day of the week. I genuinely think this capable, cheap little controller can roll with the big dogs.. when you need it to.