Reloop announce RP-8000 mk2 – A TT beast for Serato DJ Pro

Before I give you the lowdown, Reloop are describing the RP-8000 mk2 as:

RP-8000 mk2 quote

….Lets see if it lives up to this expectation!

So the Mk1 RP-8000 did have some groundbreaking features; USB connectivity to facilitate inbuilt hot cue/loop and slice pads for Serato DJ as well as a reverse button and fully adjustable start stop etc etc etc. The RP-8000 mk2 is promising more because, well we always want more. This turntable has been developed by Reloop in Germany under the watchful eye and influence of renowned turntablists and turntable artists, bettering whats available on the market for turntable performers and long playing DJ’s alike. 

Reloop RP-8000 mk2 top view

RP-8000 MK2 – 8 pads to play, 7 different ways.

Reloop RP-8000 mk2 PadsThis was designed to work flawlessly with Serato DJ Pro software in a plug-and-play format. No messin, straight down to adding extra dimensions to your mix. The 8 pads offer full RGB feedback   across the 7 different performance modes:

  • Cue – Add, move and remove cue points from tracks
  • Sampler – Trigger Samples from Serato DJ Pro’s SP-8 sample section
  • Saved Loops – recall and activate loops already associated to your tracks
  • Pitch Play – Play your cue points over variable pitch ranges
  • Loop – Create loops (either preset bar lengths or custom)
  • Loop Roll – Create ‘Stutter’ type effects
  • Slicer – Chop a section of a track or within a loop into 8 slices and control using the pads

There are also 2 user modes which you can abbreviate the above into an ‘easy to access’ list of preferred effects. Handy if you like a half-time slicer and the first two cue points always displayed on the turntable, for example. Control of Serato DJ Pro doesn’t stop there – The Reloop RP8000mk2 also features a multi encoder so you can browse and load tracks directly from the turntable. It’s not just Serato DJ the turntable will work with – The MIDI means you can map and use this with other software such as Traktor and VirtualDJ.

Other new features on the Reloop RP-8000 mk2

Reloop RP-8000 mk2 LCD viewThe new LCD display now offers more than just the pitch information. You can also display BPM, deck assignment, scales and notes, time remaining on tracks (or time elapsed). A nifty feature to reduce the need to stare at the laptop screen. 

The S-Shaped tone arm has stayed pretty similar from the previous generation of RP-8000. They have, however improved the tone arm base to increase stability and adjust height and VTA (virtual tracking angle). Of course the bayonet style fitment means you can use your favourite DJ cartridges with this immediately.





The Big deal with the RP-8000 mk2: Platter Play

This is a pretty cool feature, dubbed platter play by Reloop. Means the DJ can control the platter pitch from the pads for greater scope for live performances, and treat it basically, like an instrument. Platter Play on the RP-8000 mk2 offers no less than 22 scales and 34 notes and further flexibility to create 9 of your own scales. With this feature, you can use the two speed select buttons for pitch bending in the platter play mode, and increase or decrease the track pitch in steps of one half-tone. This can be controlled by an external MIDI keyboard too – for those wanting to get seriously creative in your DJ sets. 

RP-8000 mk2 Increased connectivity

As you can see from this image, Reloop have done away with the Phono-Line switch on one output, instead they have run dedicated outputs for Phone and Line levels respectively. This means you can connect the RP8000mk2 to two mixers simultaneously – which is a desirable addition for DJ changeovers and connectivity to DVS systems. The USB-A socket for linking the turntable to a Midi keyboard or other turntables (you can run upto 4) and USB-B for connection to your computer. Reloop RP-8000 mk2 rear view

RP-8000 mk2 in summary

The Reloop RP-8000 mk2 still has all the great characteristics the mk1 version had; a robust build, great sound quality and an unrivalled amount of features in a turntable, eliminating the need for a pile of midi devices to achieve the activity the RP-8000 mk2 does. Features such as the torque adjust (classic to ‘turbo’) and brake adjust from 0.2 seconds to 6 seconds, are all present still. The Mk1 had a great tempo range with +/- 8, 16 and 50 for ultimate pitch-speed control. Is it the most advanced DJ turntable ever? I actually think so! Probably the perfect pairing to Reloops new ELITE mixer too! (click here for more on this).

Any questions? Let us know!